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    Chapter 1 – Understand how to devise a business case for requirements to be sources from external suppliers

    • Session Notes - Chapter 1

    • LO|1.1 Analyse how business needs influence procurement decisions

    • LO|1.2 Identify how costs and prices can be estimated for procurement activities

    • LO|1.3 Analyse the criteria that can be applied in the creation of a business case

    • LO|1.4 Interpret financial budgets for the control of purchases

    • Practice Questions

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    Chapter 2 – Understand market management in procurement and supply

    • Session Notes - Chapter 2

    • LO|2.1 Analyse the different types of markets utilised by procurement

    • LO|2.2 Compare competitive forces that influence markets

    • LO|2.3 Contrast the breakdown between direct and indirect costs and the types of data that can provide information on cost and price

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    Chapter 3 – Understand the use of specifications in procurement and supply

    • Session Notes - Chapter 3

    • LO|3.1 Analyse different types of specification used in Procurement and Supply and source of information that can be used to create specifications

    • LO|3.2 Identify sections of specifications for through life contracts

    • LO|3.3 Identify the risks that can result from inadequate specifications and mitigation approaches

    • LO|3.4 Identify opportunities to regulate short- and long-term specifications

    • Practice Questions