Course curriculum

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    Course Preview and Explanation

    • Course Preview and Explanation

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    Chapter 1

    • Session Notes

    • LO1.1 – Analyse the implications of ethics and sustainability in supply chains

    • LO1.2 – Contrast the drivers of globalisation in supply chains

    • LO1.3 – Differentiate between the cultural and social issues in supply chains

    • LO1.4 – Contrast the potential conflicts that may arise between the needs of stakeholders in supply chains.

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    Chapter 2

    • Session Notes

    • LO2.1 – Contrast levels of complexity in supply chains and how they impact on compliance with standards for ethics and sustainability

    • LO2.2 – Evaluate how contractual terms can support compliance with standards for sustainability in supply chains

    • LO2.3 – Evaluate the use of third-party organisations to promote compliance with standards of sustainability in supply chains.

    • LO2.4 – Critically assess how relationship with suppliers should deal with infringements of standards for sustainability.

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    Chapter 3

    • Session Notes

    • LO3.1 – Assess how the use of labour codes can help achieve ethical and sustainable supply chains

    • LO3.2 – Analyse how the standards on environmental purchasing can help to achieve ethical and sustainable supply chains.

    • LO3.3 – Analyse how standards can achieve improved fair trade

    • LO3.4 – Examine approaches to achieve responsible procurement and help promote ethical and sustainable management